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Montage prints are individual one off creations made to order. I can create a Montage with your choice of images or, you tell me the subject and I will select and edit together images that compliment each other to produce the final piece. You will be supplied with proof images throughout the process so you can examine, amend or approve the image prior to print production.
£195 for a 24x20 Print Mounted captioned and framed
Gina Godstone Faller sq2Start Royal - Gina Montage24x20 vers 2Alan Hill Montage 2Big AlCaroline FryerFinal TrebleGina sequenceHill MontageJoeKW4_5523 - Version 1-2KW4_5523 - Version 2-2Little Chip - Montage version 4Montage 20x24 customerMoroman - Gina Andrews Montage and textNeale Blackburn Photography-BWmontageNeale Blackburn Photography-montageTom MontageMontage coverViking RIdge final Montage